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An ultra-modern control-panel with all the features you would ever need to run a radio station online. Featuring a built-in WebDJ, you won't even need to download software to stream live!

  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Auto DJ & Web DJ
  • AzuraCast
  • 24/7 Support
  • Beautiful Audio Widgets
  • Built-in Public Pages

AzuraCast Hosting Plans

Featuring NVMe SSD drives, 10Gbit Upload speeds, 99.9% Uptime, AzuraCast, Built-in Podcasting, Web DJ and more!
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AzuraCast Hosting plans from just C$5.51/mo

AzuraCast is a game-changer in the audio streaming industry and we've included it now to our streaming hosting range for our users. AzuraCast is an ultra-modern online radio station control panel aiming to fullfill almost every feature possible in the audio streaming industry. To name a few, AzuraCast has built-in support for Podcasting, On-demand stream downloads, Built-in Web DJ, Auto-DJ and much more!

Web Hooks for Discord, Twitter and more!

Web Hooks provides seamless integration between your AzuraCast radio station and popular platforms like Discord and Twitter. By connecting AzuraCast to Discord, you can notify your community about live shows, share song updates, and engage with listeners effortlessly. Integration with Twitter opens up a world of possibilities, enabling you to deliver real-time tweets and foster interactive experiences.

Built-in Web Browser Web-DJ

The AzuraCast Web DJ feature revolutionizes the way you broadcast live shows on your internet radio station. With this built-in component, you can seamlessly connect to your AzuraCast station and perform live broadcasts directly from your web browser, eliminating the need to purchase additional encoding software.

The Web DJ interface also offers a range of powerful features to enhance your DJing experience. Manage your playlists, tracks, and control playback with ease. Apply real-time audio effects like fading, crossfading, and volume adjustments all directly within your web browser.

Podcasting and On-Demand Downloads

Podcasting and on-demand downloads give you the power to engage your audience on a whole new level. By providing on-demand access to your audio content, you cater to the diverse preferences and busy schedules of your listeners. They can listen to your past shows during their commute, at the gym, or while relaxing at home.

AzuraCast also gives you the ability to customize your podcast's branding, artwork, and metadata to reflect your unique style and identity.

Advanced Playlists & AutoDJ

Effortlessly upload and organize your music library, create playlists, and assign them to specific time slots with a simple drag-and-drop interface. AzuraCast's user-friendly design ensures that even new radio station hosts can navigate and manage their music playlists with ease.

When enabled, the Auto-DJ feature automatically selects and plays tracks from your carefully curated playlists, keeping the music playing 24/7 even in the absence of live DJs.

Seamless TuneIn Integration

With a few simple steps you can easily establish a direct connection between your stream and TuneIn, ensuring that your live broadcasts are transmitted seamlessly to TuneIn's extensive network of listeners without the need of any custom code or integration.

By joining TuneIn's directory of stations, your station becomes searchable and discoverable by millions of TuneIn users.

24/7 Support

With an average response time of just 20 minutes and thousands of tickets solved to date, our 24/7 technical support department is one of the fastest in the streaming hosting industry.

99.9% Uptime

Our servers are optimized with the latest software and are only hosted within the best datacenters, allowing us to achieve our 99.9% uptime guarantee.


We've been in the industry for more than a decade and stick to our commitment to quality and service delivery. We put our customers before anything, no matter the level of service.

Easily Make Payment

We support 3 different methods of payment on our platform including Bitcoin, Direct Credit/Debit card payment with Stripe and PayPal.

Upgrade at any time

Directly upgrade your AzuraCast Hosting plan at any time within our Client Area. Upgrades are instant and pro-rata priced, so you never lose value on the amount you have already paid.

30-Day Refund Policy

We believe that you should get the service that you pay for or we don't deserve your money. We will refund your payment within the first 30 days if you are not happy with our product or service.

Powered by AzuraCast

A modern, sleek control panel where you can control almost every aspect of your radio from Podcasts to DJ'ing directly in your web browser - it has it all.

What is AzuraCast?

AzuraCast is an open-source control panel built with a modern approach and is designed to be user-friendly for both experienced and aspiring broadcasters. AzuraCast also prides itself in offering users the ability to fully customize and control every aspect of their station, you can enable/disable features you want at anytime as well as add your own branding to give your station a more personal look.

It is also bundled as a full online audio streaming stack, which allows you to not only stream audio to your audience but have the ability to setup Podcasting, On-demand Downloads and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can, you'll get access to an HTTPS audio link that you can practically use on any web player that supports audio.

Yes that is possible, with AzuraCast you'll be able to create streaming accounts that you can use to connect with while Auto-DJ is running. When you connect, Auto-DJ will automatically shut-down and replace it with your live streaming source. Once you disconnect, Auto-DJ will automatically start again.

We currently have a centralized location within Finland, Europe. We find it an extremely well suited location for both broadcasters and listeners, it offers low-to-decent latency to almost any location on earth.

Our servers network port can burst up to 10 Gbps if necessary. We keep usage at a maximum of 10-20% at all times per server, allowing up to 80% of the network port to be free at all times for any surges in traffic.

Yes you can - All our streaming plans come with the ability to connect with your own encoder, allowing you to broadcast in real-time from your own computer.

AzuraCast does allow you to add some customization to the public pages, you can change the colors, background image, logo, etc.

Yes they are. We do provide alternative white labeled links you can use for any public pages, audio links, etc. You can also customize your album art images, public page backgrounds and even add your own custom CSS/Javascript to the public pages if you'd like too customize it further.

Yes you can download your stations statistics reports in CSV format. You can also integrate your stream into Google Analytics through Web Hooks, allowing you to export data there as well.